Baroni Ribaltabili is a qualified bodybuilder recognized by all the leading manufacturers. This entails the possibility of directly interacting with parent companies and making use of their technical designs in order to realize a product which is in line with the features and quality of the selected vehicle.

The technical department is involved in technical reports, structural calculations, UMTC testing and preparation of the information material concerning the body outfitting; it is also entrusted with the entire planning process using design and calculation software which allows for interfacing the body for each type of vehicle in a very short time.

Thanks to our file archives, which contain data from 1975 up to today, it is possible to retrieve the file for each body outfitting, which is useful both for servicing and any retrieval of information required.

In our workshop we carry out metalwork repairs, hydraulic and electrical systems, scheduled maintenance, checks on the conditions of the equipment, overhauling of single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

  • UMTC testing and upgrading
  • Service
  • Repairs
  • Modifications
  • Information concerning the body outfitting