Before the Second World War, the brothers Giuseppe and Guido Baroni ran a workshop devoted to the repair of motor vehicles, lorries and agricultural machines. At the end of the war they carried out the first outfitting for internal use, as in that period the Baroni family also operated in partnership with a local haulier. In that particular period, specifically in 1952, the old Dodge lorries, remnants of war of the American Army, were usually equipped with dump beds. During the first years of business, outfitting operations were entirely carried out inside the workshop from hydraulic cylinders to the pump which was achieved by modifying a similar pump originally installed on the motor. In a few years all the operations of the workshop were devoted to construction and installation, by adding the repair and maintenance operations to the dumper truck production. The company has always remained true to the production of dumper trucks by continuously developing them to suit all needs and for all vehicles.

On the other hand, the range of the mission has been expanded including, for example, the transportation of scrap, construction material or for cereals. The production is mainly organized upon commissioned orders on the specific request of the client.

Production and outfitting of dumper trucks brescia